Fevertest card… measure fever and spread your message!

Chills, exhaustion, headaches... maybe the fever is rising... and with the Fevertest Card at your fingertips, checking your body temperature will...

How to create interest in a pharmaceutical product

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Marketing strategies for pharmaceutical companies

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Thermo Ruler: The ruler with room thermometer to promote drugs

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How relevant is the aesthetics of a product's packaging for its sale?

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FEVERTEST CARD - customizable liquid crystal body temperature indicator

It works in a very simple and fast way: just place the card on the forehead to detect body temperature N (normal) - 37 - 38 - 39 - 40 in a few...

New IPS calendars: here is our innovative proposal

We have now reached the month of November, and this 2020 is also coming to an end.

Fevertest and Covid-19 prevention: a promotional thermometer to take care of your customers.

Summer is ending, the month of September is already well advanced, and the days are getting shorter and shorter.

Covid 19 Prevention

Fortunately, the infections from Covid 19 are decreasing and little by little we try to return to lead a "normal" life.

COVID-19 how to deal with Stress

Man is governed mostly by emotions and although he tries to rationalize his thoughts, it is often emotions that govern his actions.

Stress and anxiety can cause Fever

Fever can be caused by psychological factors such as anxiety, stress, emotional, family and social stimuli. We are surely experiencing a...

Ips fever thermometers: coronavirus emergency

One of the first symptoms of the new Chinese flu “2019-nCov” is fever at 38°C; it’s therefore much helpful to have the possibility to measure...

Fever Thermometers IPS: 2019-nCoV Chinese fever under control!

What is fever Fever is an alteration of body temperature. When this temperature exceeds normal values, it is called Fever.