Pet Summer Card: the perfect gadget for an awareness campaign against animal abandonment

Every year in Italy about 150,000 animals, including dogs and cats, are abandoned. A fact that really creeps up, especially when it turns out that...

Prevention and personalized gadgets for pets: your new business strategy is called Pet Safety Thermometer

Staying competitive in unfavorable times is always a difficult undertaking, and this 2021 really seems to be proof of this. Yet the opportunities...

Do you want to undertake a promotional and awareness campaign in the Pet care sector? The answer is Pet Auto Alert

The health and care of our pets is something that is particularly important to us, but we don't always know how to behave properly.

Pet Summer Card: your new pet marketing strategy for summer 2021

2021 has already turned one month old, the days are getting longer and the prospect ofsummer is finally starting to be timidly seen on the horizon.

If you are looking for something new for promotions in the world of PET… the solution is OUTDOOR DOG ALERT

The liquid crystal thermometer for our 4-LEGGED friends. The cold season is upon us, and with it comes bad weather, the first night frosts and the...

Grow your business in the world of Pet

Once the animals were considered only workmates as they were mostly used in the agricultural and rural world to support daily activities.

Protect your dog from the sun

On sunny days we notice that our pets love to seek the sun's rays by standing in front of a window or going out into the garden to bask blissfully...

Traveling by car with our PETS

Summer is coming and the need and desire to bring our dogs and / or cats with us will arise.

Pet Fever

Fever can also come to our pets, this is in fact one of the major causes of visits to the vet.

Heat: what troubles can cause to our PETS

Summer is upon us and the rise in temperatures combined with a high humidity can be dangerous for our pets. They too can experience heatstroke...