How to promote the sale of sunglasses? The answer is Eyes Protection Card!

Summer is now approaching, and this means that holidays, weekends out of town and days of sunbathing by the pool will soon arrive. This period sets...

Sun Bracelet: when UV rays become your marketing strategy

Summer is upon us, and with it the long and sultry sunny days. Life picks up an unusual pace during this season, almost as if we awaken...

Business and UV rays: Sun Color Tattoo increases your sales and protects your skin

The Sun is life. Despite its immediate evidence, this phrase now seems obvious to us, especially since we discovered that it is no longer always the...

How to turn summer into a business opportunity? For IPS, the answer is Summer Card

It is true, we are only in February and it is still cold outside, the hours of light are few and the summer still seems far away.

Sun Alert: when UV rays pass from enemies to faithful allies of your business

Every summer is always the same story: high temperatures, suffocating heat, sun that breaks the stones and dangerous ultraviolet rays ready to burn...

How to take advantage of the contraindications of UV rays to improve your business?

UV Bookmark: the promotional gadget against ultraviolet radiation. UV, UVA, UVB, and ultraviolet radiation: we often hear these words on television...

Sensory marketing and skin care: when the business strategy goes beyond the simple senses

In a globalized and hyper-connected world like the current one, being unique is of fundamental importance. Why? The answer is already in the...

Sun Color Tattoo the winning gadget for your next sun skin protection campaign

Tattoos are now considered the norm by most people, so much so that today it is difficult to find someone, especially among the under 40s, who still...

Protect your eyes from the sun

Summer has finally come and... the desire to tan, to be outdoors and to take trips out of town.

Sun Color Tattoo

Make your Sun Product irresistible thanks to the NEW UV tattoo!

The sun’s benefits on the immune system

Spring has arrived, the beautiful and warm days are a pleasant novelty. Sunlight can be a great help in strengthening our immune defenses.

Exclusive and personalized promotional products

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