Since 1976 the success of IPS has revolved around a realm of know-how with countless potentialities: microencapsulation.

Different product lines specifically geared toward the promotional sector have been developed over time and are still evolving today:

Liquid crystals for measuring the temperature of a room, a bath, a baby’s bottle, wine or a refrigerator, or for measuring a fever. Hygrometers for indicating the level of humidity in the air, stress and couple compatibility indicatorscosmetic testers designed to detect the type of skin, the level of skin hydration, the presence of wrinkles, the stage of cellulite.

Products based on thermosensitive and photochromatic substances for the realization of prize competitions, collections, educational games. UV ray presence and intensity indicators to know when to protect yourself from the sun. Scented leaflets to communicate through olfactory marketing and sampling of perfume.

Solutions that allow you to hide images, messages and make them visible again by wetting the sensitive area.

Therefore, becoming part of the IPS world means not only having access to an exclusive technology, but also the availability of a wide range of offerings which may give rise to targeted solutions, tailored to specific customer requirements.

From an operational standpoint, particular attention has been devoted to three critical factors of success:

  • high standards of quality, achieved by completely computerising all company processes;
  • optimisation of production costs, thanks to the use of advanced technologies and equipment with a high production capacity;
  • customer focus, supported by an internal training program which assures an excellent level of competence across the whole company workforce.

The numerous experiences generated on the international market through its collaboration with distributors and commercial partners enable IPS to offer a consulting service which is indispensable for coordinating operational needs and guaranteeing the product’s functionality and thus the success of the promotion.