gadget battery test
Product name

Battery Test

Product description

BATTERY TESTER is a customizable promotional product that indicates the battery charge particularly suitable for the recycling sector and battery manufacturers.

Discharged batteries must be taken to authorized collection centers for an appropriate recovery and recycling of the materials with which they are made.

A simple gesture that allows their correct disposal.

BATTERY TESTER allows to know if the battery is completely discharged and can no longer be used.

BATTERY TESTER works in a very simple way:

Just connect the two poles of the battery to be tested, the positive and the negative, with those indicated on the tester - and check the color that appears in the black area - you will immediately have the indication if the battery is completely discharged and must be, therefore , taken to a collection center.

BATTERY TESTER is an original and useful promotional product at the same time.

It can be 100% customized in size and graphics based on specific needs.