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Product name

Cellulite Thermal Detector

Product description

CELLULITE THERMAL DETECTOR– promotional cosmetic tester particularly suitable for cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies wishing to promote their lines of anti cellulite products.

CELLULITE, one of the worst enemies of female beauty ...

Thanks to cosmetic science, more and more advanced and effective formulations are now available to combat this widespread blemish.

We know, however, that in order to proceed with an effective and targeted treatment it is very important to know the exact position and stage of cellulite.

Here is the usefulness of CELLULITE THERMAL DETECTOR.

Thanks to a sophisticated technology, which originates from the medical-aesthetic applications of contact thermography, this unique, fully customizable system allows you to “see” the cellulite level of every woman in just a few seconds.

Fast, precise and harmless: these three properties make CTD a valid "strictly personal" investigation tool that every woman will be able to appreciate, together with her own cosmetic treatment.

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