Product name

Face Impurity Test

Product description

FACE IMPURITY TEST - promotional cosmetic tester particularly suitable for cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies wishing to promote their lines of facial skin cleansing products.

Sponsoring a cleansing product or a face cream will be very easy thanks to this innovative promotional product.

A tool in great demand in the cosmetic world : FACE IMPURITY TEST

A well-cleansed face is certainly the main factor for having a beautiful skin and allowing the creams to act in depth

Often it is believed to have adequately removed the make-up residues from the face but how to understand if we have done well?

Thanks to Face Impurity Test which indicates make-up residues and impurities showing the effectiveness of the facial cleansing product.

Using it is very simple: just apply the patch on the areas of the face to be examined and in a few seconds you will have the result.

FACE IMPURITY TEST is an easy-to-use, completely non-toxic and harmless tester for the skin.