Product name

Hydration Test

Product description

HYDRATION TEST - promotional cosmetic tester particularly suitable for cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies wishing to promote their lines of products for skin hydration.

The main features of a young skin: elasticity and softness, remind us of the concept of hydration. A good hydration makes the skin more easily permeable and therefore able to absorb the functional substances put at its disposal more quickly and completely, allowing to fight the first signs of aging.

Hydration test allows to identify the skin hydration level (good - medium - poor) to suggest which specific creams to use and which beauty treatments are more effective.

Hydration test is practical, immediate, easy to use, absolutely non-invasive and allows you to perform a rapid analysis of the skin both at home and at the point of sale.

Easy to use: just place the patch on the cheek or wrist for three seconds and after removing it, compare the result with the reference scale.

Hydration Test is the original and fully customizable IPS cosmetic tester to suggest targeted beauty treatments.

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