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Product name

Skin Test

Product description

SKIN TEST - promotional cosmetic tester particularly suitable for cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies wishing to promote their lines of products for the skin.

Skin Test is a cosmetic tester that allows you to evaluate your skin type (dry-normal-oily) in a few seconds and in a simple way so that to recommend the most suitable cosmetic treatment. Safe, non-invasive and disposable.

Easy to use: just apply the patch on the areas of the face to be examined and in a few seconds you will have the result to be matched on the reference scale to check your skin type (dry skin / normal skin / oily skin).

Matching a cream by directing the choice of the potential customer towards the most suitable product will be immediate and simple with SKIN TEST, a 100% MADE IN ITALY product.

SKIN TEST is an easy, comfortable and interactive tool, completely non-toxic and harmless to the skin.

Promotional gadget especially indicated for pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies that want to promote their own cosmetic products.

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