Product name


Product description

THERMOVISAGE, based on the principles of contact thermography, indicates the action of the moisturizing product

The moisturizing action is highlighted by an increase in skin temperature, visible with the change of colors on the Thermovisage plate.

In fact, contact thermography is based on the use of microencapsulated liquid crystal plates that have the property of changing color as the temperature changes.

By placing these plates on the body it is possible to detect the skin temperature which reflects what happens in the underlying tissues and therefore highlight, through color images, one's epidermal situation.

Its use is simple and NOT invasive, it will be sufficient to place the plate on the face for a few seconds and check the visible colors.

Apply the moisturizing product and massage until completely absorbed.

To complete the analysis, perform a new thermographic examination by comparing the colors visible on the images of the legend with those previously recorded.

Thermovisage is reusable, non-toxic and safe.

The plate can be cleaned, after use, with a soft cloth and a non-alcoholic disinfectant solution.