Product name

Wrinkle Test

Product description

WRINKLE TEST - promotional cosmetic tester particularly suitable for cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies wishing to promote their lines of anti-wrinkle products.

We talk about wrinkles only when they become visible.

Between 20 and 30 years, fine lines appear in particular at the corners of the eyes and / or around the mouth. Around the age of 35, lines of expression start to get noticed.

From 45 years, chronological aging is more visible, we are talking about deep wrinkles, so to choose the cosmetic treatment that helps to counteract or prevent skin aging, it is important to know the structure of our skin.

Thanks to the cosmetic science, there are now increasingly advanced and effective formulations to fight wrinkles and expression lines, but how to choose the most suitable treatment for the structure of our skin?

WRINKLE TEST allows an immediate and non-invasive check up of the level of wrinkles and expression lines to determine, in a few seconds, the signs of aging and recommend the most suitable anti-aging treatment.

Very easy and practical to use, just apply Patch1 on the part of the face we are interested in analyzing, lightly rub and reposition Patch 2 on the same part for a few seconds, then compare the result shown in the reference scale.

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