Product name

Scurf Test

Product description

SCURF TEST promotional cosmetic tester that allows to determine the tendency to dandruff particularly suitable for cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies wishing to promote their lines of hair care products.

Scurf Test allows to determine the tendency to dandruff, allowing you to perform a test in a few seconds, and to suggest, based on the result obtained, the most suitable treatment to fight it.

Easy to use: just apply the tester directly to the scalp by pressing and lightly rubbing for 15 seconds. The result will then be compared with the easy reference scale. 

Here are some of its main features:

  • fully customizable with advice on the use of specific product lines for hair care
  • wide customizable area
  • ready for use
  • practical size easy to handle for a quick test
  • 2 disposable testers always at hand.
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