Product name

Sebum Test

Product description

SEBUM TEST - promotional cosmetic tester that indicates the sebum level on the scalp particularly suitable for cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies wishing to promote their lines of hair care products.

The degree of hydration and the quantity of sebum in the scalp are essential factors to preserve the health and beauty of the hair.

The excess of sebum is the consequence of excessive secretion by the sebaceous glands of the scalp and could obstruct the blood vessels that irrigate the hair, thus favoring its fall.

To obtain a strong and healthy hair it is therefore important to preserve the scalp and know its sebum level. Sebum test, is the new cosmetic tester, which indicates in a few seconds whether the sebum level is normal, slightly fatty, fatty to help in choosing the hair treatment that best suits our needs.

Sebum test is fully customizable, easy to use, non-toxic and harmless to the skin.

A winning ally for the promotion of beauty and hair care specialties.