Product name

Thermocolor Postcard

Product description

THERMOCOLOR CARD is a fully customizable promotional product with an area that turns from black to transparent in contact with the heat of the hand or even high heat sources such as cups of coffee, tea, milk ... showing a hidden image or message. Ideal for original promotions and prize competitions and often chosen by companies producing coffee, milk, tea but also as a precious gadget for promotional campaigns in various sectors such as: telephony, cars, non-profit organizations, children ...

THERMOCOLOR allows hidden images and messages to appear upon simple contact with a heat source.

An intriguing solution, the heat causes the sensitive area to react which becomes black to transparent showing how hidden it is.

But that's not all ... because the effect is reversible, in fact, by removing the heat source, the magic area will return to black, covering the image / hidden message again.

Highly requested to carry out prize competitions with the "heat and win" technique.