Product name

Winter Tyres Card

Product description

WINTER TIRES CARD is a promotional product suitable for the automotive field, tire manufacturers and insurance companies, as it indicates when to mount winter tires.

WINTER TIRES CARD constantly monitors the outside temperature and indicates when it is advisable to change the tires (if the temperature, for a few days in a row, remains or is below 7°C).

The WINTER TIRES CARD has an adhesive thermometer, to be fixed on the external rear view mirror or on a side glass of the car, which indicates with a white OK on a green background the need to switch from summer to winter tires according to the outside temperature.

WINTER TIRES CARD has an additional useful function: it helps to check the minimum thickness of the tires (when it reaches 4 mm, it is necessary to replace the tires).

WINTER TIRES CARD is 100% customizable with logo, text and images to be "remembered" and is a Made in Italy product.

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