BUSINESS SECTORS: FOOD, BEVERAGE PRODUCTION (beers, wine, spirits, soft drinks)
Product name

Vodka Card

Product description

VODKA CARD - temperature indicator for vodka is a promotional product particularly suitable for the alcoholic drinks field for tasting vodka at the ideal temperature.

Vodka Card is a thermometer for connoisseurs

Vodka must be enjoyed at the right temperature between (+ 4 / + 6 ° C), not too hot, but not even frozen ...

Vodka Card allows you to check the correct tasting temperature in a few seconds, applying it to the bottle or glass below the content

The Vodka Card, thanks to its durability, becomes a tool to convey brands and messages that your consumers will impress on their mind by continuing to use it for several time.

Like all our drink cards, it is a Made in Italy product totally customizable in size and graphics, adaptable not only to the world of vodka but to many other alcoholic and distilled products.