Product name

Fevermonitor Card

Product description

FEVER MONITOR CARD is a CE marked promotional product particularly suitable for pharmaceutical and baby care companies for the promotion of drugs and products for children. Also required by the mailing insurance field to promote their services for the family.

It is very important for all parents to always have their child's well-being under control

FEVERMONITOR CARD is the practical and unique fever thermometer designed for babies. Here's how it works: just apply the thermometer on the baby's forehead and in just thirty seconds the result will be displayed. And it is also possible to have a continuous feedback up to 48 hours.

Once applied on the forehead, FEVERMONITOR CARD, thanks to its hypoallergenic adhesive on the back, allows babies to rest peacefully and gives parents the serenity of having their temperature always under control without having to disturb them. 

Handy and useful, with FEVERMONITOR CARD it is possible to convey your brand in a truly innovative communication that will not go unnoticed.

Our body temperature indicators are CE-marked medical devices with measuring function. Their production and commercialization comply with the Council Directive 93/42/EEC Medical Devices.

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