Product name

Thermofridge Card

Product description

THERMOFRIDGE CARD is a promotional product especially indicated for food companies wishing to indicate to the consumer the correct temperature for storing food in the refrigerator.

Storing fresh products correctly, checking the optimal temperature of the drink to be tasted is not easy because in the refrigerator there is not always an electronic display that indicates the internal temperature.

THERMOFRIDGE CARD is the practical micro-encapsulated liquid crystal thermometer for the refrigerator, which allows you to communicate useful information on the correct storage of food, indicates the ideal temperature for a drink and helps keep your logo and promotional message always visible at the time of purchase choices, reminding the consumer what his trusted brand is.

Maintaining the correct temperature in the refrigerator also helps to avoid the formation of the dangerous Listeria bacterium which is extremely harmful to health

Thermofridge card is an entirely Italian product and customizable in graphics and dimensions.

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