BUSINESS SECTORS: VETERINARY (Pharmaceuticals / PetFood)
Product name

Comfort Pet

Product description

COMFORT PET is a promotional product particularly suitable for veterinary, pet food and pet equipment companies. It indicates the room temperature in a few seconds to avoid temperature gap to our PET friends.

A thermometer always at hand which allows constant monitoring of the room temperature.

The watchword is "avoid sudden changes in temperature!" harmful to the health of our puppies.

 The advice is to maintain, in domestic environments, a temperature of around 20°C and to control humidity, which should not be excessive, to allow Fido and Felix to thermoregulate without difficulty.

 Too high temperature and too dry air dehydrate their respiratory tract.

Comfort Pet can be completely customized with logos, texts and images to remember the trusted brand and the specialties for the well-being of our pets.