BUSINESS SECTORS: VETERINARY (Pharmaceuticals / PetFood)
Product name

Outdoor Dog Alert

Product description

OUTDOOR DOG ALERT is a promotional product particularly suitable for veterinary companies, pet food, equipment and associations for animals.

It detects the outside temperature and warns in case of danger if the temperature is too rigid to take the dog out.

The Dog has a greater resistance to low temperatures than us, but this does not mean that he is not cold!

Over time, many studies have shown that our 4-legged friends suffer from the cold, despite having "fur"!

Outdoor Dog Alert is the useful liquid crystal thermometer that detects the outdoor  temperature in a few seconds and indicates, depending on the size of our dog, if it is safe to take it outside or it is better to keep it at home as the temperature is too rigid.

Another important feature to keep in mind is the size: the smaller dog will be more sensitive than the medium-large one.

It is also important to observe the dog's behavior to intervene and protect it from low temperatures.

Here are some good reasons to choose Outdoor Dog Alert for your next promotional campaign:

  • fully customizable with logo, message, product information;
  • unbreakable;
  • reusable.

A useful tool that your customers will appreciate together with the quality of your products.