BUSINESS SECTORS: VETERINARY (Pharmaceuticals / PetFood)
Product name

Pet Safety Thermometer

Product description

PET SAFETY THERMOMETER is a promotional product particularly suitable for veterinary, pet food and pet equipment companies for summer promotions.

An often overlooked problem is the asphalt temperature.

On sunny days, particularly in the central hours of the day, the roads quickly turn into open-air ovens, capable of causing even serious burns to the fingertips of our dogs.

Just think that if the air temperature on a summer day is around 32°C, the asphalt temperature could go up to 60°C.

To understand how hot the asphalt can be and to alert the danger we have studied the new Pet Safety Thermometer which detects the external temperature and reports the asphalt temperature in order to warn us in case of too high heat.

Another danger is the heat stroke: 15 minutes of sunshine are enough and a heat stroke can be fatal for our trusted friend. We therefore take care not to leave it under the scorching summer sun and always keep the outside temperature controlled.