BUSINESS SECTORS: VETERINARY (Pharmaceuticals / PetFood)
Product name

Pet Summer Card

Product description

PET SUMMER CARD is a unique and effective promotional product for all veterinary companies, pet food, equipment and associations for animals. It allows to convey the message against the abandonment of animals during the summer and indicates the temperature inside the car.

The new IPS card for our pets.

An important message that must be highlighted, in particular, during the summer period. DO NOT ABANDON YOUR PETS! They are part of our family, they give us love and companionship and above all they trust us.

In addition to conveying this fundamental message, Pet Summer Card can be completely personalized with your logo, text and images.

Furthermore, thanks to the liquid crystal thermometer applied, it indicates the temperature inside the car, remembering to NEVER leave our pets closed in the car during the hot summer days, the heat stroke can in fact kill them in a few seconds.