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Product description

THERMO-CALENDAR is a promotional product, a table calendar that indicates the room temperature for promotions in all sectors as it is fully customizable.

Calendars… absolutely simple yet indispensable objects, which are never lacking in every home or office. Every year the race starts to design or create the most beautiful, seductive, intriguing calendars ... but the substance of the product does not change.

Well, IPS renews habits!

Today the calendar not only puts time black on white, adding a note of color to the environment, but our calndars.. feel the heat or the cold!

It is not magic but high technology, the technology of IPS microencapsulated liquid crystals, of course, which allows you to combine our calendar with a liquid crystal thermometer that indicates the room temperature.

The simple calendar is then enriched, it becomes a doubly useful and practical object suitable for spreading any message so that it is visible to everyone every day!

IPS can create wall or table calendars of all kinds for you, according to the coordinates given by your creativity.

And even when the calendar is no longer needed, it will be possible to cut thermometers that will continue to faithfully fulfill their duty for a long time.