Product name

Scented printed leaflets “SCRATCH & SNIFF”

Product description

SCENTED PRINTED LEAFLETS “SCRATCH  & SNIFF” are a versatile promotional product, in fact they can be adapted to any project where the strategic point refers to the SMELL.

For more than 40 years, we have specialized in the technique of microencapsulation of essential oils and various fragrances and we produce microencapsulated fragrances  «scratch & sniff» version which are coated on paper or plastic supports according to specific needs.

Our high quality microcapsules can be made with "standard" fragrances, already available and tested by our laboratory or with personalized fragrances.

A perfumed leaflet offers several ADVANTAGES:

  • allows you to provide something more than a simple printed leaflet by giving the opportunity to spread a fragrant message that attracts the interest of the customer not only with sight but also with the sense of smell.
  • allows the customer to test the fragrance of the product being promoted or of a new product being launched
  • our perfumed leaflets also have a long life: the perfume is protected inside the microcapsules and released only after rubbing the perfumed area.

This rubbing action can be performed many times before the scented effect wears off.

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