Product name

Scented labels

Product description

SCRATCH & SNIFF SCENTED LABELS allow the consumer to test the fragrance of the product before purchase. Ideal for car air fresheners, room air fresheners, detergents and personal hygiene products.

An idea that will make you unique and allow the customer to "smell" the fragrance of the product before buying it.

How? It is possible to apply, in any part of the product packaging, a "perfumed" label which, by simply rubbing, releases the fragrance contained in it.

Here are some excellent reasons to choose SCENTED LABELS with microencapsulated fragrances for the launch of a new product or for the renewal of an already known line:

  • fully customizable support both in shape and colors
  • perfume of your choice from a wide selection of the best fragrances already tested by our laboratory
  • possibility to microencapsulate the fragrance of your product.

A way to stand out from the competition by giving your customers, in addition to the already known quality of your products, something to be remembered.

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