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Product name

Comfortest Plus

Product description

COMFORTEST PLUS - COBALT DICHLORIDE FREE is a new promotional product that can be customized, particularly recommended for companies in heating and air conditioning systems, dehumidifiers and products that absorb humidity in the environment. Also suitable for the energy field.

A high and persistent humidity can have various negative effects both in the environments in which we usually stay and can cause damage to our health.

It can also cause the formation of fungi, mold, dust mites, bacteria and aggravate allergies.

COMFORTEST PLUS, thanks to its 3 sensitive areas cobalt dichloride free, has been specifically designed for total control of the humidity level in the air (Very dry - Low Humidity - Medium Humidity - High humidity).

Fully customizable with your logo and / or message, Comfortest Plus will adapt perfectly to your next promotional project related to the environment and health.