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COMFORTEST is a customizable promotional product particularly suitable for companies of heating and air conditioning systems, dehumidifiers and moisture absorbing products for the environment. Also suitable for the energy sector.

An excessively high temperature and humidity as well as being unpleasant are the cause of poor productivity and concentration difficulties.

For this reason, between home walls and in the environments in which we usually stay, we should maintain a temperature between 16 ° C (at night) and 20 ° C (during the day) and constantly check the humidity level of the air because a too humid environment can cause mold and an unhealthy environment while too dry cause allergies and breathing problems, especially in children so sensitive to these variations.

COMFORTEST, thanks to the liquid crystal room thermometer and the hygrometer, has been specifically designed for "total" control of the environmental conditions and consequently for the comfort of those who live there.

Fully customizable with your logo and / or message, Comfortest can be realized in any shape or color to perfectly adapt to your next promotional project.

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