gadget-card-divertente Nestle

gadget-card-divertente Pepsi

gadget-card-divertenteMOOD CARD test dell’umore e stato d’animo

gadget stress card friendsFRIENDSHIP CARD test dell’amicizia

gadget stress card loveLOVE TEST CARD test dell’amore
Product name

Funny Cards

Product description

FUNNY CARDS are versatile promotional products, fully customizable and suitable for winning and original promotions in any market sector.

IPS FUNNY CARDS are the ideal gadget to give an original and absolutely magical imprint to your promotional campaign as they know how to adapt perfectly to each project allowing infinite possibilities of customization, without any limit.

How do they work?

Just place your finger on the "liquid crystal" sensitive area of the card to check your sensitivity, your mood and more ... love, friendship, luck, sport, leisure and ... anything else fantasy suggest you!

The body heat, in fact, causes a color change of the liquid crystals from black to red, green and blue which, compared on the color scale, will give life to the desired message.

The test is repeatable countless times.

Not an idea but infinite ones for winning promotional communications: such as gift-in-packs, give-away, for mailings, events, collections...

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