Product name

Stress Card

Product description

STRESS CARD is a versatile promotional product in credit card size,  fully customizable. It is a detector of the stress level particularly requested by pharmaceutical companies and by the tourism, auto and insurance sectors.

STRESS CARD is a stress detector with encapsulated liquid crystal area that reacts to body heat. Simply place a finger on the sensitive area for 15 seconds and it will change color from black to green or blue or red according to the heat of the body or it will remain completely black if we have cold hands. Then check the result obtained on the reference scale to know your stress level.

The explanation is simple but scientific: when we are under stress there is an increase in muscle tension and our blood does not circulate well, which means that it does not reach the ends of our body. That's why cold hands and feet are a clear sign of stress. Likewise, when we are relaxed, hands and feet become warmer and blood flows more freely.

STRESS CARD is fully customizable with texts that explain what stress is, the possible causes and suggestions on how to control and overcome it.

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