Product name

Stress Ruler

Product description

STRESS RULER is a fully customizable promotional product.

It is a ruler with a stress level detector suitable for pharmaceutical companies but also required by the banking, automotive and insurance sectors.

To find out if you are stressed, tense, calm or relaxed, just place your finger on the liquid crystal sensitive area of the ruler.

How does it work?

The explanation is simple but scientific: the blood, in moments of tension, does not circulate well and therefore does not reach the ends of the body. This is why cold hands are a clear signal of stress and Stress ruler detects the temperature of the fingers thanks to its body temperature sensitive area.

The test can be repeated countless times ... therefore not only the usefulness of the ruler always at hand but also the possibility of checking one's psycho-physical state at any time of the day.

In addition, it is innovative, customizable and 100% made in Italy.

Because the important thing as always is to surprise, to leave a lasting memory and to stand out from the competition.

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