Product name

Kids Sun Watch

Product description

KIDS SUN WATCH is a promotional product suitable for the protection of children's skin in the sun especially requested from pharmaceutical, cosmetic and baby care companies wishing to communicate effectively their lines of sun protective creams and products for children for summer promotions.

If among your proposals there are products intended for sun protection or more generally in the skincare sector, then you can promote your brand with our Kids Sun Watch.

Kids Sun Watch is easy to use and is a useful and fun bracelet, able to measure, with a change in color, the presence and intensity of the UV rays. 

A promotional product loved by all mothers as sunburns can be very frequent, especially for children. So we thought of the Kids Sun Watch useful and fun at the same time.

How does it work ?
It is very simple, just expose it to the sun and, after a few seconds, the sensitive area will indicate the intensity of the sun's rays with a color change which, compared on the reference scale, will allow you to choose the most suitable protection.

And for security?
Kids Sun Watch has a space where you can write your child's name and parents' phone number ... extra security for your next holidays!

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