Product name


Product description

PLANTEST is a promotional gadget especially indicated for agricultural companies and garden centers wishing to promote their product lines for plants in an innovative and effective way.

Houseplants enhance the home environment making it pleasant, relaxing, welcoming and even more elegant.

But not only! Plants are able to improve the quality of the air we breathe at home, regulate the humidity level of rooms and limit domestic pollution, so that allergists recommend keeping at least one plant at home every 9 square meters.

But in order to choose the most suitable plant, it is important to evaluate the temperature, humidity and brightness conditions of the room where we intend to place it.

Light is the most important thing

Plants need the right light to survive. But how to understand which is the best position so that our plant has the right brightness to grow healthy and luxuriant?

PLANTEST comes to our aid ... it will be enough to expose its sensitive area towards the light source and in a few seconds we will know the luminous intensity of the room: poor, moderate, filtered, intense.

The Plantest line also includes temperature and humidity indicators for a total control of the environmental conditions in order to ensure maximum comfort to our beloved plants.