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Protection & uv control

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PROTECTION & UV CONTROL is a promotional gadget especially suitable for pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies wishing to promote their lines of sun lotions for maximum protection of the skin in the sun.

"Protection & UV Control" allow you to check the protective action of the sunscreen you have chosen for your holidays.

How does it work ?

It is very simple, just expose the card to the sun for a few seconds and both sensitive areas will change color.

Remove the card from the sun and wait for the two areas to become clear again.

Apply sunscreen only to zone 1 and expose to the sun again.

The color difference between zone 1 and zone 2 shows the protective action of the sunscreen.

Skin in the sun? Yes, but consciously to get the maximum benefit from sun exposure because the sun is good for the body and mood but in the right doses and with adequate protection.