Product name

Summer Card

Product description

SUMMER CARD is a promotional gadget suitable for pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies wishing to push their new lines of sun products and specialties for the protection and care of the skin in the sun onto the market. Also suitable for the telecommunications and drinks sector for summer promotions.

The warm season arrives and the desire to be outdoors finally blossoms.

Because the sun is life, joy, light-heartedness, vacation ...

But by now we know that the summer sun should be taken "in the right doses", in order not to expose yourself to unpleasant sunburn or eye discomfort, and this applies to everyone, more than ever for the little ones!

That's why we thought about putting our special "sensitive" technology for a summer friend!

And from this purpose we have created Summer Card which has three functions in just one gadget!

On the one hand, it measures the intensity of UV rays, allowing you to choose the appropriate sunscreen for a tan in complete safety, and even warning when sun exposure is not recommended.

On the other side, it indicates the ambient and water temperatures, for pleasant and safe sun and sea baths, even for children.

A fun idea to always carry with you, which combines business with pleasure, well-being at play, and which will highlight your next promotional projects.

Dress up the Summer Card with your creativity, and summer will be an absolute success!

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