Product name

Sun Alert

Product description

SUN ALERT CARD is an excellent promotional gadget especially indicated for pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies that want to effectively promote their lines of sun products and food supplements for the protection of the skin in the sun.

An attitude of awareness about our own well-being prompts us to remain constantly “on the alert” when it comes to the sun.

A gesture that should accompany every exposure to the sun is to apply an excellent protective cream on the skin of adults and above all children.

This should become a habit not only in summertime, on the beach, but also in the winter, at high mountain altitudes, where the sun’s rays are less filtered and are intensified by the effect of their reflection off the snow.

But how can we know which type of sunscreen cream will best protect against burns?

A helping hand comes from Sun Alert, a small card with a sensitive area that after a few seconds’ exposure indicates the presence and intensity of UV rays by means of an easy-to-read colour scale. Based on the response, we will have the parameter we need to choose a cream providing full protection.

A small “intelligent” travelling companion that does not take up any space but makes us all safer wherever we are in the sun.

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