Product name

Sun Bracelet

Product description

SUN BRACELET is a promotional gadget especially suitable for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and Baby Care companies wishing to promote their lines of sun protective lotions and baby care products.

Even if the tan is almost always the protagonist of our holidays, the sun's rays, present in excessive quantities, can become dangerous enemies for the skin.

Sun Bracelet is the useful indicator of the presence and intensity of UV rays that informs when the sun's rays become harmful, advising to apply the protective cream or stop the exposure to avoid sunburn.

Put it on and expose it to the sun for a few seconds and you will see that its sensitive area will be colored in different shades of purple that will be compared on the reference scale.

In this way you will discover the presence and intensity of UV rays to choose the most suitable sunscreen.

Sun Bracelet can be used countless times and is fully customizable.

In addition, thanks to the adjustable bracelet it can be used by adults and children!

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