Product name

Sun Color Tattoo

Product description

SUN COLOR TATTOO is a promotional gadget suitable for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and baby care companies that have lines of sun products and items for children.  Perfect for all summer promotions aimed at the baby care target.

The sun and a beautiful day are the right combination for a well-deserved moment of relaxation. However, exposure to the sun, especially in summer, should be monitored. In fact, UV rays can become real enemies for many people.

A UV ray detector is therefore a useful tool for all those people who need to pay attention to sun exposure and especially to children.

For fun, for beauty, to feel at the center of attention.

Tattoos always have great success among young and very young. Even parents, who normally don't approve of a permanent tattoo, are well disposed towards removable tattoos that can be easily applied

The NEW IPS "Sun Color Tattoos" combine all these features with the important function of detecting the presence and intensity of UV rays, indicating when the skin needs protection.

By pressing the tattoo lightly on the dry skin after wetting the back, in just thirty seconds you have the result. Just then expose the tattoo to the sun: if it remains white the intensity of UV rays is low while if it turns dark purple the intensity is high then it is recommended to apply protective sunscreen.

It is then very simple to remove the tattoo: just a little water and soap or a swab dipped in baby oil is enough.

It will be really fun for children to witness their color transformation, a feature that makes them UNIQUE for a summer in the foreground.