BUSINESS SECTORS: VETERINARY (Pharmaceuticals / PetFood)
Product name

Sun Protection Card for Dog

Product description

SUN PROTECTION CARD FOR DOG is a promotional gadget especially indicated for pharmaceutical / veterinary companies, pet food and equipment companies wishing to promote their product lines for the well-being of our pets.

 Our four-legged friends must be protected when they go out in the sun because if the intensity of UV rays is too high they can have problems with the skin and eyes.

Thanks to its pocket size, the Sun Protection card can be taken anywhere and allows you to quickly check if the UV rays are too intense and therefore protect our friends or take them for a walk in a shaded area.

Here are the basic rules to prevent the sun becomes dangerous for our dogs:

  1. The first rule is to avoid walking in the hottest hours and when the sun's rays are most intense. For the rest it depends on the breed: the short and clear coat, for example, have to be protected more carefully because they particularly suffer UV rays.
  2. Then pay attention to situations that can increase the risk or reduce the perception of danger: altitude, slightly cloudy sky, cool wind, surfaces that reflect light like snow, sand, water.
  3. Dry the dog after swimming in the sea and rinse well with fresh water
  4. Always keep fresh and clean water available.