Product name

Sun Watch UV Sensor

Product description

SUN WATCH UV SENSOR is a perfect and innovative promotional gadget for pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies wishing to promote their lines of protective sun lotions. Also requested by the insurance, soft drinks and tourism field for summer promotions and from associations against skin diseases related to excessive sun exposure.

Sun rays, present in excessive quantities, can become dangerous enemies for the skin.

Sun Watch is a sensational indicator of the UV-ray intensity that allows you to know the ideal parameters for a healthy tan.

In fact, it informs us when the sun's rays can become harmful, recommending the application of a sun filter suitable for the skin type, the ideal time of exposure to the sun and the need to reapply the sun lotion.

Useful and extremely easy to use, Sun Watch UV Sensor can be used an unlimited number of times.

Sun Watch UV Sensor will be your ally for effective protection!

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