Product name

Uv Index Evo

Product description

UV INDEX EVO is a perfect promotional product for pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies wishing to communicate their lines of solar products in an innovative way for maximum protection of the skin in the sun.

When we talk about the sun exposure it is important to always be "on the alert" because the sun is good, but in small doses, with the right protection and continuously monitoring its intensity and time.

What is the UV Index ?

The universal index of UV radiation (UVI, UltraViolet Index) is an international measure of the level of UV radiation on the earth’s surface and an indicator of the potential damage it may cause to eyes and skin.

UV Index Evo has been specifically conceived to indicate not only the presence and intensity of UV rays by means of a colour scale that permits an instant reading, but also the associated UV Index values, thus enabling you to choose suitable protection.

It also helps you to identify your phototype so that you can determine your personal sensitivity to sun exposure and the minimum time before skin reddening may occur.

All this so you can fully enjoy the beneficial effects of the sun while limiting the possible damage that may be caused to skin and eyes as a result of prolonged sunbathing without the recommended protection.

And that’s not all … the card includes lots of useful tips about providing careful protection, above all for children, whose highly sensitive, delicate skin requires special care and attention.

Therefore, on your next holiday don’t forget the UV Index card … a “must” you should always take along with you to ensure that the sun is synonymous only with “health and well-being”!

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