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Product name

Acqua Test

Product description

ACQUATEST is a customizable promotional product that indicates the hardness of the water particularly suitable for the detergency, energy, cosmetics, appliances, drinking water filters field.

It’s difficult to know if your water at home is soft, medium or hard.

Not everyone’s aware of the fact that if water is hard then electrical household appliances, such as washing machines, dish washers, heaters and coffee makers, will need accurate descaling if we want to keep them at peak performance and to avoid an increase in the consumption of the different detergents used.

Moreover, the layer of scale that forms inside the pipes of heating systems acts as insulation and the hot water has difficulty in sending out its heat in the home: it has been calculated that it takes just 1 mm of scale to increase the consumption of energy by 10-15%.

Aqua Test is the practical indicator that allows you to test the hardness of water in just a few seconds and then to act accordingly.

Here are some of its great features:

  • it can be completely customised with your logo/message/info and tips on how to use your products in relation to the level of scale measured
  • it is sealed and protected in a transparent flow-pack and ready to use
  • it is handy and has an easy-to-grip shape for a quick test
  • disposable